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April 7, 2016
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We all know it’s hard to stay healthy when traveling. With spring break and summer vacations upon us I thought I’d share some tips to try and help you stay on track while away from home.

The number one thing to remember is- PLAN! Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before you arrive find out if the hotel has a gym, is there a mini fridge in the room, is there a nearby convenience/grocery store?

  1. Travel with a reusable water bottle- HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Easy to fill up wherever you are.
  2. Pack healthy snacks: KIND bars (check calories, sugar and fat content), single serving sizes of nuts and seeds (you can even make up your own trail mix: nuts, seeds, coconut chips, dark chocolate chips, dried cranberries- be creative), apples, cut veggies, Cuties, and single containers of peanut butter or almond butter. Hard boiled eggs and rice cakes with hummus or nut butter smeared on top travel well. Bring a small cooler during this warmer weather.
  3. Stick with your routine as best possible: try to eat every 3-4 hours at your usual times (if possible), and exercise daily.
  4. Fill up the hotel mini fridge: raw veggies, hummus, hard boiled eggs, and unsweetened yogurt are good choices.
  5. Exercise: use the hotel gym, pool, run, walk. Pack a fitness DVD, jump rope, and/or resistance band. Take a Jeni Barre or Piloxing class online at www.Emglivefitness.com
  6. When dining out use the same healthy tips that you use at home: no bread basket on the table, drink water in between cocktails, order dressing on the side, go for the entrees that are grilled or baked. If you must have dessert share with someone and tell them, you will have only the last bite (this way the temptation is gone).

And lastly, remember to forgive yourself and get right back on track. If you make an unhealthy choice don’t beat yourself up, your next meal/snack is another chance to make a better decision.

Safe Travels,


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