Personal Training

Our number one goal is to help you meet yours!

Personal Training Total Body:

Whether this is your first day of exercise or you have tried every program out there, JF offers state of the art training for people in all stages of life. JF is a warm and wonderful environment. We value safety, fun and full guidance to see you to your goals whether you are a top athlete or struggling with difficult times. Let us guide you in a way of wisdom for a healthier you. We are all about getting results for mind, body and spirit.

Personal Training Jeni-Barre Sessions:

A Personal Training Barre session is tailored to your personal needs. Whether you are a “barre addict” or concerned about not being able to keep up in a class setting we will get you to the next level. If you have knee, shoulder, elbow, back, or neck issues (Yeah, I’ve heard them all, and I get it! My husband has had two knee replacements!) I, as the Personal Trainer will help you adjust your positions and exercises to accommodate your limitations and help you maximize your comfort and potential at the barre. If you have specific areas you want to target we will focus on them during our sessions together. If you need extra stretching and elongation – Winnie can get you there! Whatever you needs is what Personal Training Barre is all about!


Personal Training for Indoor Cycling:

Not comfortable on a bike? Feel your stamina, endurance or inner strength lagging? Anthony will get you to the finish line with ease. Our one on one JF Ride Personal training is all about YOU. Anthony will make sure you get the best workout imaginable. There is no other place in the whole world, in the same amount of time where you could get a better workout. With over 20 years of experience, Anthony turns your sessions into a unique experience with his passion, talent and endless energy. Can you spell motivation with a capital M!

We guarantee you will feel great when you leave!


Personal Training for JF Boxing:

Lori takes her Boxing seriously and she will get you results! One hour of kick butt personalized boxing training that will improve form, cardio and strength training. Personal training includes focus mitt work and total body conditioning. Lori will have you jump and jab your way to better fitness. Come and see for yourself!