A Barre class not found anywhere else– Jeni-Barre is an incredible experience!



Kick off your shoes and reshape your body through muscle isolation exercises at a ballet barre. Rev your metabolism, burn fat, improve your posture and flexibility!

This total body workout with a cardio edge will create long, lean muscles with gentle exercises in no time. Every class ends in with valuable tips for living a healthy lifestyle!

Jeni-Barre is a low-impact class making it safe for all levels of fitness.


Power Jeni-Barre

This 30 minutes version of Jeni-Barre will focus on legs, glutes and core.

This class will help you create long, lean muscles with gentle exercises in no time. Great for beginners, but  we pack a lot intensity into this half hour class making it a fabulous workout for out veteran “barre tenders” as well.

If you miss this class in Studio you can watch it from your computer or tablet from home, office or hotel by visiting!

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